Public Pee Dare

Sosha pees her pants in public at the urging of Alisha in this very public wetting video.

Sosha is standing outside in the rain, being video taped by Alisha, when she tells the camera that she really needs to pee. At first it sounds as if they are going to search for a suitable place for Sosha to relieve herself, but then Alisha has another idea.

Alisha dares Sosha to pee her pants right there, on the spot, in full view of everyone. Sosha accepts the dare, but is very embarrassed. There is a busy street nearby and dozens of shops and a diner. Sosha is standing in full view of anyone in the diner who might happen to turn and look.

Accepting Alisha’s dare, Sosha stands with her feet planted on the ground, concentrates for a moment, then a stream of liquid cascades through her pants and starts splattering on the ground. The humiliation is evident in Sosha’s expression. As soon as she is done peeing Alisha turns off the camera and they girls run for safety.