Peeing Pink Panties

We get to check out Sosha from a couple different angles as she pees in her panties in this video.

The setup is simple- Sosha, standing in a well lit room in front of the camera intentionally pees in her underwear. As she does so she squats over a small, waterproof camera. The result is that we get to watch her from two unique angles as she pees.

First, we have an angle of her peeing from the main camera. This camera zooms in to a close up as we look straight on. From here we can see the streams of pee flow from her underwear as the cotton grows dark and wet.

The second angle is underneath. From this angle we get to see the view directly below Sosha, looking up, as she wets herself. From this angle we can clearly see the very first wet drops appear on her underwear followed by the massive streams as she soaks herself.