Peeing on the Chair

Alisha pees in her panties once, but you get to see it from two amazing angles in this video.

As far as the action is concerned, the video is pretty simple. Alisha, sitting on a chair, scoots to the edge and pees through her blue cotton panties.

What makes this video unique is that you get to see the wetting from two different angles. First you get to watch Alisha pee in her panties from the front, watching the wetness soak into her panties and drip onto the floor. Then you get to watch the same wetting again, only this time from the vantage point of a camera placed on the floor looking up at her.

After she finishes peeing in her panties she stands up and removes her soaked underwear. Naked from the waist down she holds up her soiled panties to show them off to the cameras.