Pee River

Watch Sosha pee through her swimsuit into a river in this video.

We join Sosha as she walks along the river in her swimsuit. As we follow her she talks about how bad she needs to pee. Standing in the river she spreads her legs and pees through her swimsuit. The camera zooms in for a close up as a giant, forceful stream of pee pushes its way through the crotch of her swimsuit. Afterwards we walk back with her as she talks about what she enjoys about peeing in her swimsuit.

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  1. ashley says:

    hi I cant post a comment any where else so I will do it here but I would really like to see these two types of videos 1. so this would be for hdwettng- so there are 2 girls in the video and they are both in a fight and one says fine I wont be your friend, then one of the girls leaves the room and comes back behind the other grl and dacks her pushes her on the ground and puts a diaper on her and the girl with the diaper on has to pea, so then she does a pea and poo in the diaper then the other girl changes her and does the full measure of it, as we observer this it will be amazing to watch. in the girl that has the clean diaper on is treated like a baby and put in a baby chair and gets feed like a baby and then gives the girl in a now dirty diaper and then gets changed then has a bath with the other girl bathing her then make your own ending. please do this and make it a free video otherwise I wont be able to watch it thanks. I am a lesbian thankyou

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