Oral Sex Accident

While going down on Alisha Nikko has an embarrassing accident in her panties.

The video starts with Alisha and Nikko entering a hotel room. They sit on the bed and start making out. Soon they are undressing each other and Nikko begins to perform oral sexy on Alisha.

Though enjoying the experience, Alisha is taking her time before having an orgasm. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except this time Nikko needs to pee. Nikko is doing her best to satisfy Alisha, but her urge to relieve herself keeps growing stronger.

Finally Nikko can’t hold on any longer. She tells Alisha that she needs to take a quick break to run to the bathroom. Alisha, fully involved in the experience, refuses to let Nikko go. Nikko tries to explain if she doesn’t go to the bathroom she is going to end up peeing all over the bed, but Alisha doesn’t care.

Despite holding herself to try and keep from peeing, Nikko has a huge wetting accident in her panties and all over the bed. Streams of pee pour through her underwear as she eats Alisha out. The bed is completely soaked, but Alisha finally manages to have an orgasm.