Nude Peeing in the Kitchen

Alisha pees on the kitchen floor while standing completely nude in this video.

The video opens as Alisha washes the dishes, she just happens to be nude. As she scrubs the plates a naked Sosha enters the scene and starts to flirt with her.

Sosha asks Alisha to pee on the floor. Alisha agrees. Standing, completely naked, with her feed spread, Alisha pees directly onto the kitchen floor as Sosha watches.

This turns Sosha on. The girls briefly make out before the video comes to an end.

This video features-

  • Alisha doing the dishes while completely naked.
  • Sosha, also naked, walking into the kitchen and flirting with Alisha.
  • Alisha standing and peeing onto the kitchen floor.
  • Sosha and Alisha making out.