Nikko on the Camera

Nikko pees through her panties directly onto the camera in this video.

The video opens with Nikko standing in front of the camera wearing only her neon green panties. We get to check out her amazing body as she explains that she badly needs to pee and that she is about to pee onto the camera.

She then squats directly over a waterproof camera and pees through her panties onto it. We get to watch her pee through her panties twice- First we get a frontal view of the urine pouring through her underwear onto the small camera beneath her. Then we get to watch her pee in her panties again, this time from the camera she is squatting over in slow motion.

After she finishes peeing she talks about how it felt to wet herself while being recorded on video. She stands up in her wet panties, dripping off a bit, before the video comes to an end.