Nikko Bound and Tickled

Nikko is tried up and tickled until she pees in her shorts in this video.

We join Nikko, tied up, wearing shorts and a tank top. She is desperate to pee, but doesn’t want to have an accident because she thinks pee is gross. Sosha is out to prove otherwise- Sosha wants to prove to Nikko that wetting herself can be sexy.

The first step in Sosha’s plan is to get Nikko to pee in her shorts. She tickles Nikko, trying to make her pee. Nikko struggles to hold back, but ends up having several substantial leaks. Finally it is too much and she can’t stop. Pee pours freely from the leg of her shorts and splatters on the floor.

Now it is time for the second part of Sosha’s plan- Showing Nikko that wetting is sexy. Sosha removes Nikko’s wet clothes then goes down on her. While still tied up, Nikko gets eaten out by Sosha, eventually reaching an extremely intense climax.