Natalie Wets Her Bed

Natalie wets her bed while wearing jeans.

In her latest video Natalie is resting on the bed in her jeans.  While resting her mind senses that her bladder is full and she fantasizes about using the toilet. In actuality she is still laying in bed.

Unfortunately her bladder doesn’t know she is still in bed.  To her bladder, the fantasy is real, so when she sits on the toilet to pee in her mind, her bladder releases in bed.  Soon after wetting the bed Natalie discovers her accident.

This video shows-

  • Natalie in bed in her jeans.
  • Fantasizing she is going to the bathroom.
  • Wetting her jeans and the bed.
  • Getting up and discovering her accident.
  • Taking off her wet clothes and getting completely naked.