May 3, Recorded Webcast

This is the recording of the May 3, 2013 live HD Wetting webcast. This show featured Sosha live in and Alisha tied up and desperate to pee in the kitchen.

The first accident in the show belongs to Sosha. The viewers challenged her to get desperate, take off all her clothes, and try to do nude jumping jacks as she is bursting to go pee. Sosha did her best, but eventually she couldn’t hold it any longer.

Throughout the webcast we check in with Alisha. We don’t hear much from Alisha though- She is tied up wearing only panties and has her mouth duct taped. From what we can see though, she appears to be desperate to pee.

The viewers encourage Sosha to only wear a pair of pink panties for her next wetting. This time she is challenged to let out a little bit of pee, stop it, then let out a little bit more, then stop again, and so on. Sosha tries this, but doesn’t entirely succeed. She manages to stop a couple times, but she is too desperate and once she got going she really couldn’t stop.

Finally Alisha looses control as well. We get to watch torrents of urine flow from the back of her panties and make a large puddle on the floor. When Alisha is done peeing the camera goes in for a nice close up of her wet underwear.