Making Sosha Pee

Nikko has Sosha tied up in the dungeon and makes her pee in her striped panties in this video.

We join Nikko at the start of this video as she is selecting from different spanking implements to use on Sosha. Eventually, she decides a flogger would be the most suitable instrument.

Nikko walks over to Sosha where we find her tied up. She is on her knees, bent over, only wearing striped panties. Nikko’s intention is clear- To spank Sosha with the flogger until Sosha pees.

With Sosha already extremely desperate, this doesn’t take long. Soon a think yellow stream pours out of Sosha’s panties, splattering on the ground. Sosha is soaked and humiliated.

Having succeeded in getting Sosha to have an accident, Nikko proceeds to untie Sosha and pull off her panties. She has Sosha lay back, and proceeds to go down on Sosha. Nikko expertly brings Sosha to an intense, screaming orgasm.