Making Out & Peeing on the Beach

Sosha and Alisha have some kinky wet fun on the beach in this video.

Watch as Alisha and Sosha make out on the beach, rolling around in the sand. At one point they take a brief break from making out as Sosha straddles Alisha. As we watch, Sosha pees through her jeans onto Alisha’s leg. Once Sosha has finished peeing they go back to making out.

The camera continues to move around and get a few different shots of the girls making out in the sand, Sosha still wearing her wet jeans.

This video features-

  • Alisha and Sosha making out on the beach.
  • Sosha peeing through her jeans onto Alisha.
  • Alisha and Sosha continuing to make out in the sand after Sosha peed.