Making a Sandwich

In this video you get to watch Nikko make a sandwich! And yes, she also really needs to pee, if you are more into that than sandwiches.

As we watch, Nikko crosses her legs and struggles not to have an accident as she makes her sandwich. Despite crossing her legs, dancing around, and holding herself, she eventually can’t hold it any longer. We get a close up view of her ass as she lets it flow, soaking her jeans.

The wetness on her pants glistens as it flows down her legs and makes a puddle on the floor. The camera moves around to her front so we can see the damage from a new angle. Her pants are soaked! In some places the wet stain wraps all the way around her legs.

After taking some time to soak in the realization that she just emptied her bladder in her pants, she decides to get out of her wet clothes. Again, we get to watch as she peels off the tight wet pants. Bottomless, wet, and embarrassed, she at least has her sandwich to comfort her.