Jeans & Panties Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hang out in the studio for an HD Wetting photo shoot? Wonder no more! This video takes you behind the scenes of two HD Wetting photo shoots. Presented completely unedited, this is video from a handheld high definition camera moving around our studio during a recent photo shoot.

First you get to watch as Sosha poses for the camera in her jeans. The camera continues to record as she pees in her pants, leaving her jeans soaked. Then she takes off her pants revealing an adorable purple thong. Eventually she undresses all the way getting completely naked.

Next we move on to a photo shoot with Alisha. Alisha is wearing just a bra and panties to start off this shoot. She pees through her pink cotton panties, then undresses for the camera as well.

This video features-

  • An unique, unedited, behind the scenes glimpse of an HD Wetting photo shoot.
  • Sosha peeing in her jeans.
  • Alisha peeing in her panties.
  • Both girls undressing and getting completely naked in the studio.
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  1. Sosha says:

    I love how when the music says "Just look over your shoulder", Alisha does a pose where she's looking over her shoulder!

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