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Interview With Carly

HD Wetting is extremely proud to present our brand new wet girl, Carly! Carly, a friend of Sosha’s, heard about HD Wetting through Sosha and thought it would be fun.

In this video we tie Carly up to a chair, wearing only panties and a top, and interview her. As the interview goes on she grows more and more desperate to pee. We ask her about past accidents she has had, and why she wanted to do videos for HD Wetting. Finally, in the middle of the interview, she can’t hold it any longer and has an accident.

  1. Phil12-01-2013

    Would have loved to see her in jeans 🙂

    • TVGuy12-02-2013

      Don’t worry Phil, we have several videos of Carly peeing in her jeans on the way.

      • Waterboy06-25-2014

        would love to see one of the girls peeing directly onto Carly's naked lovely breasts! Please make this happen!