Hotel Bed Wetting

In this video Alisha does something she has always wanted to do- Pee on a hotel bed.

After a long day of traveling Nikko and Alisha finally arrive at their hotel. Exhausted, they both immediately head for the bed. Nikko kicks back and relaxes, but Alisha has other ideas.

Alisha, on her knees, proceeds to pee in her jeans on the bed while Nikko watches. Nikko can’t believe her eyes. For Alisha, wetting herself on a hotel bed is something she has always wanted to do.

Despite being completely shocked, Nikko is also a bit turned on by the site of wetting her pants and the bed. Nikko confesses to Alisha that this made her horny, and Alisha is happy to help Nikko out.

Alisha takes off her wet pants, then undresses Nikko. Once Nikko is naked Alisha goes down on her while they still lay on the wet bed. Soon Nikko has an orgasm. Alisha heads off to clean up while Nikko relaxes on the bed.