Hot Tub Oral

Climb into the hot tub with Sosha and Alisha in this crazy, kinky and very wet video!

The video opens with Alisha in Sosha in the hot tub together. Alisha is wearing a dark two piece swimsuit and Sosha is wearing a red bikini. Sosha is missing part of her swimsuit though. Her bikini bottom is gone leaving her nude except for her swimsuit top.

Alisha takes advantage of Sosha’s bottomless state to move in and start performing oral sex on her. Sosha is in ecstasy. Things are going swimmingly when Sosha interrupts the fun because she needs to pee. Alisha find’s Sosha’s arousal and need to urinate exciting.

Instead of letting Sosha get up to go relieve herself Alisha has a different idea. She begs Sosha to stay and pee on her chest. Sosha loves this idea as well and is happy to comply. She stands over Alisha and arches her back to try to aim her urethra. She then lets go an impressively heavy, wide stream of piss that collides directly with Alisha’s chest. Alisha loves it.

Once Sosha is done peeing Alisha takes it upon herself to clean Sosha- with her tongue. Alisha continues orally satisfying Sosha in the hot tub.

This video features-

  • Sosha and Alisha together in the hot tub.
  • Alisha performing oral sex on Sosha.
  • Sosha peeing onto Alisha’s chest.
  • Alisha continuing to perform oral sex on Sosha after she pees.