Epic Public Desperation

If you like public wetting and intense desperation you’re going to love this video!

In this video we have Sosha, in public, very desperate to pee. She is being filmed by Alisha as she struggles to hold it. The desperation is extremely long in this one, as Sosha goes through all kinds of contortions and dances in an attempt to maintain bladder control.

To make matters worse, there are people everywhere. Sosha is forced to face the possibility that she might not only have an accident in public, but an accident while surrounded by strangers.

Trying to avoid humiliation, she manages to hold it for a while as she searches for some place that is at least somewhat secluded. Finally she ducks behind some scant bushes in a parking lot just in time as she starts peeing in her jeans. As she pees she keeps crossing her legs, trying to stop the flood, but it is no use. It is obvious that she had an accident.

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  1. dave dee says:

    it is a wonder she can move position like she does with that volume of piss in her bladder.

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