Desperate Nurse

This video has it all- Desperation, accidental wetting, humiliation, and hot lesbian sex!

Sosha, a nurse, has one last patient to see before she can take a break. And a break is something she needs badly, she is extremely desperate to pee. Normally, taking down patient notes is not terribly time consuming, but this patient is different. Nikko, the patient, seems to have a never ending list of symptoms.

As Nikko lists symptom after symptom, Sosha grows more and more desperate. Despite doing her best to hold on, Sosha starts to leak in her white leggings. Soon the leak turns into a full on flood. She soaks her leggings, which become transparent, and makes a puddle on the floor.

Nikko is shocked and disgusted that the nurse treating her just wet herself. She demands to speak to Sosha’s supervisor and threatens to sue the hospital. Humiliated, and afraid of loosing her job, Sosha says she will do anything Nikko wants as long as she keeps her mouth shut.

Cue the porno music- Nikko takes Sosha up on her offer to do anything. Nikko demands Sosha eat her out, in exchange for her silence about her accident. Sosha is eager to agree if it means Nikko won’t tell anyone. After they finish, Nikko leaves to go to another hospital, but assures Sosha she won’t say anything. Sosha is left alone, wet, contemplating what happened.