Desperate in the Bathroom

Sosha is faced with a difficult decision- Allow pictures of her peeing in the tub to be posted to the internet, or try to hold on until Alisha is done using the toilet.

Alisha enters the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and starts doing her business.  She is shortly followed by Sosha, who is desperate to pee.  With the toilet occupied, Sosha decides to relive herself in the bath tub.  Just as Sosha starts to pull down her pants, Alisha grabs her phone and threatens to take pictures of Sosha peeing in the tub and post them online.

Not wanting humiliating photos of herself peeing in the tub on the internet, Sosha quickly pulls her jeans back up and struggles to hold on until Alisha is done on the toilet.  Sosha is very desperate though and soon is unable to hold it anymore.  With Alisha watching and taking pictures, Sosha has a very embarrassing wet accident in her jeans.

This video shows-

  • Alisha using the toilet.
  • Sosha desperate to pee in the bathroom as Alisha watches her.
  • Sosha having an accident as Alisha takes pictures.