Crossing the Street

While waiting to cross a busy street Sosha has a humiliating public wetting accident.

Sosha is standing at a busy intersection waiting to cross the street. She is very desperate to pee, but there is no place around to relieve herself. On the other side of the street there are some stores which may have restroom facilities. Her only hope is to try to make it to one of the shops and see if they have a bathroom.

Unfortunately the crossing signal at this intersection is taking an unbearable long time. As we watch Sosha dances around frequently, occasionally grabbing her crotch and crossing her legs to keep from peeing in her jeans. She keeps pushing the button for the crossing signal, but it refused to change.

Finally she can’t hold it any longer. Despite tightly pressing her legs together, her bladder simply can’t take it any more. Standing on the street corner in broad daylight as dozens of cars pass by she pees in her pants. The wet stain is clearly visible. There is nothing she can do to hide her accident. She simply must stand there, pants now soaked, and wait for the signal to change.