Sosha inspects Lyra's wet shorts

How Lesbians Pee

Wearing only panties, Lyra pees on Sosha

Lyra Pees on Sosha

Sosha removes Alisha's peed in panties

Bound in White Panties

Alisha removes Sosha's wet pants

Bound and Gagged in Jeans

Pee flows from Sosha's cotton panties onto Alisha

Wetting 1970's Style

Sosha pulls down Alisha's peed in leggings, revealing her wet panties

Bound in the Basement

Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans.

Showering with Sosha

Sosha's wet panties and jeans around her ankles after she peed herself

Bondage Accident and Oral

Sosha takes off her soaking wet clothes

How to Take a Shower

Alisha intentionally pees in her gray sweat pants