Can’t Hold It

Alisha and Sosha both really need to pee in this video. Shot by the girls themselves, this amateur style video has both Alisha and Sosha struggling not to wet their pants while seeing who can hold it the longest.

Both girls are wearing jeans, but it is clear Sosha has the upper hand. Alisha is bouncing around grabbing herself. Soon it is obvious why- Alisha pees her pants. A wet stain explodes from the crotch of her jeans and down her legs.

Sosha is victorious, having managed to hold her pee longer than Alisha. Not too much longer though. Having clearly won the contest Sosha is too happy to relax and pee in her own pants.

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  1. matt1002006 says:

    I have never seen a video like that before. Where did that video with Sosha and Alisha take place?

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