Bursting in the Car

Nothing is worse than having to pee on a long car ride with no where to stop. This is the precise situation in this video with Sosha.

We join Sosha as she is riding in the car, extremely desperate to pee. She has been in the car for hours and is in dire need of a toilet for while. Unfortunately, there is no immediate spot to pull over, so she is forced to try and hold on.

In a single, uninterrupted shot we get to watch as Sosha struggles to hold on. Finally, the car exits the freeway and pulls into a parking lot. Sosha struggles to figure out how to unlock the door before jumping out. Stepping out of the car she has to grab herself, but it is too late. She looses control. Pee flows down her legs, soaking her jeans.

Humiliated, with her pants drenched, she gets back in the car. Sosha is disappointed with herself. She held it so long, only to end up having an accident.