Bound, Naked, and Desperate

Watch Nikko accidentally pee all over when she is chained up, naked, in this video.

We find Nikko completely naked at the start of this video, hands cuffed and chained to the ceiling. She is desperate to pee. Sosha enters the scene, wearing a sexy outfit, and intent on making Nikko loose control of her bladder.

Sosha teases Nikko about how bad she needs to go, tickling her and pushing on her bladder. Eventually Nikko can’t hold back anymore, she pees all over, spraying her legs, feet, and floor. Once she is done peeing she asks Sosha to let her go, but Sosha says that she lost the key and needs to go find it. Sosha leaves, leaving Nikko alone, still chained to the ceiling, standing her pee puddle.