Alisha’s Public Accident

Alisha accidentally pees her pants in public after discovering that the bathroom she was counting on is closed.

This video was shot by Sosha. She is recording Alisha because Alisha is extremely desperate to pee. Alisha is struggling to maintain bladder control as she walks from the car to the bathroom. Upon arriving at the bathroom they discover it is closed. Alisha is in anguish, desperately holding herself.

There is nothing to be done though. It was all Alisha could manage to hold it on the walk from the car. Her bladder can’t take it anymore and she completely soaks her pants. Sosha records the whole thing.

After she has peed, Alisha just wants to get back to the car. She is very embarrassed, but Sosha keeps trying to talk to her about it. The video ends with Alisha briskly walking back towards the car, pants soaked.

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