Alisha Wets Her Shorts on the Beach

Join Alisha on the Beach as she sits in the sand and pees in her shorts.

This is just a simple video of the lovely Alisha peeing through her denim shorts on the beach. The video opens with Alisha talking to the camera. She introduces herself and what she is about to do. With little fanfare she proceeds to sit on the sand, legs spread.

The camera moves in for a close up as Alisha proceeds to pee through her shorts. You can clearly see the fabric grow dark as it becomes soaked with her pee. A stream of urine erupts from the leg of her shorts and flows down her leg.

After she is done peeing she takes time to show off her wet shorts for the camera. From the front you can see the wet area around the crotch and on the back you can clearly see the path taken by the pee and sand sticking to her wet shorts.

This video features-

  • Alisha peeing through her shorts on the beach.
  • The camera moving in for a very nice close up as Alisha pees.
  • Alisha showing of her wet shorts afterwards.
5 replies
  1. mickkinn says:

    Alisha is really hot, & this is an extremely sexy video. I'd love to see more of Alisha peeing in panties & shorts whilst sitting spread legged, leaning back on her arms, But it would be soooo nice if she could pee for alot longer. Train that sweet bladder Alisha!! 🙂

  2. mickkinn says:

    I think Alisha is (in my humble opinion) by far the sexiest & prettiest girl on HD Wetting.
    Would she do more wetting panties & shorts together (combined) whilst sitting videos? The one of her sat on the beach wetting her shorts is really good, but would have been excellent if she'd peed for longer. I know she admits to a "weak bladder", but if she could train it to hold more I (for one) would be a very "happy camper".

  3. rustyman says:

    This is by far the sexiest video Alisha has ever done. Please could she do another one on the beach, just like this, now she can pee for longer. The fountain of pee is the BEST!! I literally cum in my pants watching this!!

  4. rustyman says:

    I have commented several times on how good, & erotic this video is; but for what ever reason, my comments aren't published!!!!!!!!!!
    Last attempt!!!!!!
    This is wetting at it's ultimate.
    Please do this scenario again Alisha, especially as you can now pee for a lot longer! Hoping this comment is published, & also that you do this wetting scenario again, XX.

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