A Night to Remember

This is a night Sosha isn’t going to forget anytime soon. She is tied up on the bed in only her panties and tickled relentlessly by Carly and Alisha. Sosha is incredibly ticklish. All the tickling eventually makes Sosha loose control of her bladder and pee all over the bed, soaking her panties in the process.

That isn’t the end of this video though. Now that Sosha has wet the bed, both Carly and Alisha realize that they need to pee as well. They each pee through their panties while hovering over Sosha, completely drenching Sosha in their urine.

Even though everyone’s bladders are now empty, Alisha and Carly still aren’t done. As Sosha remains tied up, Alisha uses a knife to cut off Sosha’s wet underwear. Now completely naked, tied up on the bed, Sosha as at the mercy of whatever Alisha and Carly want to do to her.

Alisha and Carly feel that after everything they put Sosha through, she should be rewarded. Leaving her tied up Carly and Alisha do their best to give her an orgasm. Alisha makes out with Sosha and plays with her boobs while Carly plays with Sosha’s pussy.

After Sosha has an orgasm Alisha and Carly leave her tied up on the bed. Alisha and Carly leave to go watch television while Sosha is left exhausted, tied up, and naked on a soaked mattress.

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    • TVGuy says:

      The bandwidth and space for the free videos isn’t free. It costs money. It doesn’t matter if you type your message in all caps or not, someone has to pay for those costs. I appreciate that you want to see the videos for free- but please explain to me why I should have to pay for bandwidth, hosting costs, video production costs and spend time encoding and uploading so you can get something for free?

  1. TVGuy says:

    If I made all the videos free to watch, how would I afford to keep running the site? Hosting and bandwidth cost money. So do cameras, camera batteries, not to mention paying the girls. If none of this cost money I would happily make it all free, but unfortunately it does cost money. The best way I can figure is to charge a little bit for the videos so the costs a spread out among all who want to watch them.

    • TVGuy says:

      Thanks for the suggestion MrLoga!

      Believe it or not I got a very angry e-mail from a member about this very video. He made it clear that the site is called “HD Wetting” and that is what he wants- Wetting in high definition. He said he doesn’t want all this sexual stuff mixed in with it.

      • MrLoga says:

        Wow. Guess you can't please everybody then. Don't see the harm in mixing things up though; after all, it is the end user who decides which videos they do and don't want to watch.

        Of course, people should be able to read tags on videos to gather what content they contain… plus thumbnails of the video also lend an insight into the content.

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