A Frustrating Ending

At the end of this video Nikko is left dripping wet, horny, and frustrated. How she ended up this way makes for a very fun video for us to watch.

We start off with Nikko chained up, unable to escape, topless, but wearing pants. She is desperate to pee. Alisha enters the scene and starts teasing Nikko, rubbing on her bladder, trying to get her to pee in her pants. For a while Nikko is able to resist, but eventually she can’t hold it any more and she has an accident in her clothes as Alisha watches.

With Nikko still tied up, Alisha helps her out of her pissy wet pants. After kissing Nikko a bit, Alisha pulls aside Nikko’s wet panties and begins to perform oral sex. Just before Nikko climaxes Alisha stops and walks away, leaving Nikko tied up, horny, and frustrated.