HD Wetting is closing, Fetish Geek is taking its place

Dear user,

More than a year ago I started thinking about everything that is wrong with adult video websites today, and how a site could be better. Ultimately, I decided to build a brand new site in order to provide a better user experience.

This new site is now online. Eventually, it will fully replace both HD Wetting and HD Diapers. All of the content of this site will eventually be migrated to the new site. I believe the new site will provide a superior user experience.

You can visit the new site now at www.FetishGeek.com.

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What does this mean for current users of HD Wetting and HD Diapers?

Users who have non-recurring memberships will continue their membership period as normal. They will continue to be able to access the site until their membership expires.

Users with a recurring membership will be transitioned to a non-recurring membership. At the end of their current billing cycle, they will not be re-billed and their membership will expire.

All users will be able to continue to access the site and enjoy any new updates until their memberships expire.

What does this mean for new users?

New users will no longer be able to sing up for a membership at either HD Wetting or HD Diapers. Instead, you should get a membership at Fetish Geek. All the old content of HD Wetting and HD Diapers will eventually be moved to Fetish Geek.